Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015

On my way through Trinidad

From the northern tip of Trinidad to Union Iceland , about halfway between Grenada and Martinique to our goal , we should lead our cruise through the Caribbean. Than 24 hours were estimated for the approximately 150 nautical miles. The boats were ready and we were. At least we thought das.
It was already noon when I left in the small Scotland Bay of Jochen , who translated the dinghy with his skipper Torsten for " Tika Roa." In this shabby , cluttered catamaran , even by his owner as " raft " or " glider "means , Jochen should learn to sail or would it this boat but rather the fear of God I was certainly glad to the. ? " to have hired Ruby ": a charming , twelve -meter, which made me a but much trust give the impression when the catamaran. However, the confidence in the material was necessary because the captain of the ship Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg fell into my rapidly.
Larston had a sunny disposition and laid his beaming smile throughout the day only for a purpose from: powerful voice to the sounds of reggae music from the speakers on board. More than a likeable person with a natural openness and a simple good, I had immediately taken him to heart. But we wanted to share out to sea , " defy the forces of nature and how our fate lay in the hands of God ," as Torsten there is something dramatically formulated. How right but he had this testimony , know generations of sailors. And I should learn it soon while checking sejltur frederikshavn oslo.
It made me a little suspicious that Torsten me before we weighed anchor , casually stated that he wished me " give a crash course in navigation times just." That's harmless , I thought me and invited me a program with charts on my computer. How to read a compass , I already knew. How to use the GPS navigation system and determined by the coordinates displayed on a chart position and course , I was told within five minutes. How classic and by the stars a sextant to navigate , I did not learn this lesson unfortunately. Yet in the last few nights were anyway to see any stars , so the introduction was limited to modern technology on new Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam .
I listened attentively , but hislaconic style , the whole matter let me no great importance. What else? Bow front , rear rear, starboard right and left port. Any questions? No. Even though : How likely was it that I would need to demonstrate my newly learned navigation skills? One can never know Torsten from Berlin replied and revealed to me that Larston could neither read nor write and that the numbers were not his best friends. Oha. Good to know. In a silent minute, I then took the program with the charts again before and busied myself with it in some detail.
Confidence in my skipper was not shocked , but I began to doubt some of his skills. These doubts were strengthened by the knowledge that would lead Larston on this ride his first command as captain. Although he sailed since his youth , but apparently always under expert guidance. Its regular exclamation "bless ," which meant , like "God bless us ," was not suitable as a confidence-building measure. Well, nothing helped. Since I had to go through now , because for a retreat it was too late.

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