Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

Communication on a knife edge

But so far we're doing pretty good. Also the first Russian vocabulary sit. I even managed the natives with sentences (ok, there were exactly two) for a big hello to provide.
What we now cope with some routine, had the first night in St.Petersburg, but his test experience. Despite, or because of the rigors of travel, we were hell-bent, arrival and a first NAP, to drink a beer. After all, was Friday and the weekend standing in front of the door.
So we went, were looking for a bar that was recommended to us and found it finally. The shop is not worth mentioning despite the Nice ambience. However, he opened the eyes of the local price level us right. A tumbler of taste-free beer cost us proud 100 rubles. But that is only on the edge. When I turned the back on our small table in a corner for a minute, Jochen got company at once.
Unsolicited continued a very swallowed apparently (even for Russian standards), stiernackiger guy at our table. To be honest, he was more or less already on Jacobs lap. And also when I me to was, he went on rubbing shoulders. My questioning look, how to assess the situation, receipted Jochen with a tight "it smells of stress". And that's only because Jochen had photographed him like in 2016 Ferry Liverpool Dublin .
To shorten it: there was no stress. With most rudimentary language skills and internationally recognized de-escalation strategies we defused the situation. What with a confident "Nastrovje!", some willing Zigarrettengaben as well as gushy tributes of our opponent's hometown and the charm of its female residents can bring about, is amazing. So some wars could have prevented arguably.
Even if it all was not so dramatic, this episode taught us but that's much harder to assess situations without language skills which he also showed on the Ferry Liverpool Belfast Coupon and is more complicated to respond appropriately in such. And we moved our lessons, of course: since then we cram greetings and pleasantries, as well as all possible toasts diligently.
There are cities that you can endure only when the sun shines. There are cities, even blue sky helps with that. And there's St Petersburg. The sky was mostly grey when we met. That however I noticed while looking at the pictures. Here, the weather is indifferent. Just a tip: you should do the city maybe not in the pouring rain. It would rain one constantly in the mouth before Marvel opened.

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