Montag, 27. April 2015

Trip to the Buffalo National Park

Somehow I 'm glad that the ferry was broken to Fort Simpson. Otherwise I would lie flush left the campsite at the Sambaa Deh Falls on the left and the owner Raymond Michaud not met. I would not be staying with him on the rock slabs to the Trout River Canyon and would not roped me to his fishing spot. And the dead moose on the shore I would not have seen.
He was still pondering the mid-sixties has told how the bull, a capital fellow, with powerful blades, was there, at the foot of the cliff, reaches executed. Because he was not crashed, which it is established. When I pull the blanket over his head shortly before midnight, I thank the broken ferry for that day. And dream of brittle ropes and elk with wings and ship like ferry from liverpool to dublin.
Northwest Territories, Canada's last frontier : I drive from Yellowknife to Whitehorse. Twelve days I had this time, over 3000 kilometers ahead of me. I sleep at campgrounds, and where it is not, I just go right quickly. Although I have piggybacked a soft double bed and other amenities that it has to offer a modern truck camper. But the adventure does not diminish as on the new Ferry Belfast Liverpool .
I roll over endlessly empty highways with legendary status. I am learning to throw overboard plans and improvise. And have lost all sense of time after two or three days in this grand emptiness. I can not say exactly where I am and just how late it is straight. The world from which I come, faded every day a little more.
The Northwest Territories are 1.3 million square kilometers. Distances give the approximately 40,000 residents in hours and days. Accordingly, it is a day to Switzerland large Wood Buffalo National Park A long day, as I am assured in Yellowknife, but the bush fire shortly before the park was indeed under control now, so no problem. So encouraged, I rock with 70 to pace around the Great Slave Lake, through a trough landscape that has pushed the schmilzende permafrost in the Mackenzie Highway or on Ferry Belfast to Cairnryan .
To see there's only forest, the circumstances and low poesielos, and sand and gravel pile parked in front of abandoned bulldozers. All in all, a real test of patience, because in Europe I had circled in the same time the Netherlands. At the end of the day moved into Fort Smith a dozen buffalo grazing the entrance to the campsite. As the brown- black giants finally pull off, makes the manager workday.
" Pick the best place," he calls through the car window, "and move the money tomorrow under the office door ! " In the end, I see on the way to Buffalo National Park more than this flesh mountains in the park itself bulls, females, boy. Moments like Safari in South Africa.
According to opinion polls, the situation in Hesse is still pretty confusing anyway. Currently, everything looks like a very tight result in the federal election in two weeks. By the end of August, the published exit polls consistently signaled a slight edge for red-green. On Wednesday surprised the " Presse" with a poll of black and yellow was just ahead for the first time. Whether this indicates a shift in opinion is controversial.

Samstag, 18. April 2015

Summer holiday and getting coffee

Coffee halfway up in palm leaf roofed hut : Four police officers playing cards at the next table : The knowledge that we have no Vietnamese driving license, we know that the know, and who know that we know that they know... The eye contact is extensive, the uniformed estimate how much trouble we would do in case of doubt, and my face trying to say a lot of trouble, a lot of trouble, so much trouble that the dong some not worth the stress. Full seriousness we nod to us, the card game goes on, we will get : lucky and take a look at the cost Ferry Dublin Liverpool.
Again, trying to coffee a few glass beads to sell ( maybe we wear grass skirts and garlands ? ). An old sitting on floor and chews something red : lips and teeth discoloured bloody, as if she had just bitten into something alive. As it is clear that our consumption potential was exhausted with coffee, mineral water and mints, the hysterical friendliness turned into our trip: Even our polite Bye-bye remains unrequited.
The problem is : Hello- hello- country makes a slowly but surely blunted Idiots : In the evening I spoke a young girl in order kindly pointed out to me that I have just a pack of cigarettes has fallen out of the bag: it says " Excuse me " - I look in the first pulse in the other direction and accelerating the pace. And could even slap me then but looked at cost Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland>.
Just because parts of the population play as pushing a button, the trickster - record, as they are a non - Vietnamese sight, as far as I 'm soon to refuse any normal everyday communication. I find myself, as I stop the people to look at the faces : fear I lower my gaze to the floor, if eye contact is threatening : for fear of how- are-you -today -buy -some- peanuts - attack. The mercantile interests, however, does a disservice to the intrusiveness : Hello- hello has been sold to us by the reliable input of each clothes store and Summer Ferry Dublin Holyhead .
Censorship is there to handle it, especially the self-imposed : As at breakfast in the hotel three female chunks suddenly turn out to be those young New Zealanders, with her penetrating "It's just like me on the bus to Ha Long, you know, like, I mean Wow ! " have driven to madness, a renewed reflection on the phenomenon of tourists and tourism is inevitable. So go ahead : Why we hate the German tourism like the plague ?
Why reduce the voice of German abroad when other German locations in the café at the next table ? Why do they hide in the most beautiful places, photographing and get lost rather, to be recognized as by the use of a map as a tourist ? Why do they wear muted colors, subtle hairstyles and long linen pants and furtively eyeing the sights from the corner of his eye, while Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese and Australians bring legs and cheerful in their Hawaiian shirts and shorts giga - big camera in position ? Is it the Mallorca Trauma in Kiel?
Or are we still afraid to come as conquerors, invaders, invaders in foreign countries ? Basically we are ashamed of the German- being, and because his own German - striking, especially abroad, we are being German with Tourism same.

Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Trans-Siberian Railway to China

We will probably never in the Trans-Siberian Railway forget the day, nor the rigors of bus trips to Southeast Asia or South America. It is God knows not only positive ( or safe ) experiences, but to all formative experiences. The same goes for our motorcycle tour, even if scorners of course rightly noticed that our plane in this country only fall into the category of“ moped." It was far more adventurous as expected, but certainly nothing to compare with what we have experienced so far.
Also boats of all sizes and species we have already driven many who cruise through the Caribbean and the cross oceans on container ships but were for us a whole new experience and definitely unforgettable with cost Ferry Holyhead Dublin.
We do not want to talk about big drum: Luck was hold us in all the time. We did not experience a few dicey situations, but we all survived intact. Whether it's the trouble with the authorities in Moscow and various motorcycle crashes, there were tsunami alert, language barriers or corrupt policemen who wanted us to your savings - it was in all cases lightly. We were spared from serious diseases and other misfortunes. A lucky. We were also largely spared from attacks and theft.
We met many others who did not fare any way. However, we also noted in those stories that you develop a sense for certain situations over time. One senses a rip-off against the wind, being aware of potential dangers and learn properly assess risk. At least mostly. On the other hand, one lies down with a certain serenity. Serenity fed from confidence and trust. Trust that there is a solution for every problem. But also trust in the people and a general benevolence in this world ( this trust but should not be confused with naivety ). We drove very well. We were helped selflessly and often especially, we experienced hospitality. In almost every country we visited and looked at the cost Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland.
We can only hope that we retain this serenity, this confidence and trust. We can only hope that we will have the opportunity to return the kindness shown to us. And we can only hope that we will continue with the Luck.
The campaign was a success, but now I want to talk not about marketing, but about the bars, which was helped by the message conveyed by Coca-Cola. Those who were in Spain, know with certainty that the bars are an integral part of society. In my street, in a five-block radius, there are at least thirty bars.
Since I live in Spain, I have not seen a football game at home and received the same quarter of home visits compared to my stay in Berlin. To drink, eat, watch football, eat breakfast, hang out, greet bartenders to talk with the neighbors, which we know only from the bar... I am convinced that the apartments much smaller than in Berlin in Madrid are, because we spend half the time in the bar.

Freitag, 3. April 2015

Car trip to Lanzhou

The basic price of the cruise should, unless expressly included in the price, the cost of arrival and departure will be added to the transfer port. Also, tips on board are not included services and must also be factored in budget planning. In addition, most drinks, and offered shore excursions or other on-board services, such as spa treatments, extra. A fuel surcharge may also come to the passenger, especially in times of high oil prices and ferry crossing cairnryan belfast.
This is the provider but then indicated separately. Also applies to concerns that the catalog prices are usually on double occupancy. If you're travelling alone, you can expect a premium for single use. So it is always important to consider the total cost of the cruise in the focus, because not always a cheaper base price is really a bargain and is quickly met by the high charges on board. Especially in base price can save neat!
On 27.9.2010 it started, with Andreas and Thomas together, I threw myself into this new adventure at the edge of Tibet, it was very exhausting and a little too cool, because the weather was not the best this fall and farmers have grumbled because they could not bring dry their harvest. You can find all my adventures in the same blog,“ mountains, temples, Tankhas and ferry crossing Dublin Holyhead.
From Lanzhou, the large city on the Yellow River it comes to the northwest a piece on the silk road. We drive on crumbling sections of the Great Wall of China along and visit the largest reclining Buddha in a traditional temple hall of the Qing Dynasty. On the tripwe equip the bustling metropolis Province Wuwei a visit. This stage is still very much influenced by the Muslim Hui minority, we have also roam the edges of the erstwhile Tibet, with its characteristic prayer flags and stupa. I remember also my last ferry crossing Cairnryan Larne.
A detour takes us into the caves of Matisi, this former monastery on the Silk Road is home to a variety of wall paintings and Buddha sculptures that were sponsored by merchants and caravan leaders and protect the trade route. The system is not so big such as the Cave Grottoes in Dunhuang, but also less frequented by tourists and you can calmly take his tour of the caves on stele ladders and stairs and enjoy the wonderful views of the nearby foothills of the Shan Qinlin.
In Zhangye, we have the opportunity to admire the largest reclining Buddha like in the BBC report. Zhangye but also stands otherwise with charm, good restaurants and excellent Tea and was an important trading centre on the ancient Silk Road for centuries. Then we turn towards Tibet and at first welcomed us passports Tibetan prayer flags and Manistones large pile of stones, in which the Tibetan incantation“ omani patme hum" were engraved.
The shepherds have built their rectangular, black tents in the summer camps and large herds of sheep and yaks grazing in the green plateaus, while all around the eternally snow -covered summits shine. Almost 4000 meters to overcome the well-paved road in the air, but we have been well used in the past week, to the height, so we have no fear of altitude sickness.