Montag, 27. April 2015

Trip to the Buffalo National Park

Somehow I 'm glad that the ferry was broken to Fort Simpson. Otherwise I would lie flush left the campsite at the Sambaa Deh Falls on the left and the owner Raymond Michaud not met. I would not be staying with him on the rock slabs to the Trout River Canyon and would not roped me to his fishing spot. And the dead moose on the shore I would not have seen.
He was still pondering the mid-sixties has told how the bull, a capital fellow, with powerful blades, was there, at the foot of the cliff, reaches executed. Because he was not crashed, which it is established. When I pull the blanket over his head shortly before midnight, I thank the broken ferry for that day. And dream of brittle ropes and elk with wings and ship like ferry from liverpool to dublin.
Northwest Territories, Canada's last frontier : I drive from Yellowknife to Whitehorse. Twelve days I had this time, over 3000 kilometers ahead of me. I sleep at campgrounds, and where it is not, I just go right quickly. Although I have piggybacked a soft double bed and other amenities that it has to offer a modern truck camper. But the adventure does not diminish as on the new Ferry Belfast Liverpool .
I roll over endlessly empty highways with legendary status. I am learning to throw overboard plans and improvise. And have lost all sense of time after two or three days in this grand emptiness. I can not say exactly where I am and just how late it is straight. The world from which I come, faded every day a little more.
The Northwest Territories are 1.3 million square kilometers. Distances give the approximately 40,000 residents in hours and days. Accordingly, it is a day to Switzerland large Wood Buffalo National Park A long day, as I am assured in Yellowknife, but the bush fire shortly before the park was indeed under control now, so no problem. So encouraged, I rock with 70 to pace around the Great Slave Lake, through a trough landscape that has pushed the schmilzende permafrost in the Mackenzie Highway or on Ferry Belfast to Cairnryan .
To see there's only forest, the circumstances and low poesielos, and sand and gravel pile parked in front of abandoned bulldozers. All in all, a real test of patience, because in Europe I had circled in the same time the Netherlands. At the end of the day moved into Fort Smith a dozen buffalo grazing the entrance to the campsite. As the brown- black giants finally pull off, makes the manager workday.
" Pick the best place," he calls through the car window, "and move the money tomorrow under the office door ! " In the end, I see on the way to Buffalo National Park more than this flesh mountains in the park itself bulls, females, boy. Moments like Safari in South Africa.
According to opinion polls, the situation in Hesse is still pretty confusing anyway. Currently, everything looks like a very tight result in the federal election in two weeks. By the end of August, the published exit polls consistently signaled a slight edge for red-green. On Wednesday surprised the " Presse" with a poll of black and yellow was just ahead for the first time. Whether this indicates a shift in opinion is controversial.

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