Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Trans-Siberian Railway to China

We will probably never in the Trans-Siberian Railway forget the day, nor the rigors of bus trips to Southeast Asia or South America. It is God knows not only positive ( or safe ) experiences, but to all formative experiences. The same goes for our motorcycle tour, even if scorners of course rightly noticed that our plane in this country only fall into the category of“ moped." It was far more adventurous as expected, but certainly nothing to compare with what we have experienced so far.
Also boats of all sizes and species we have already driven many who cruise through the Caribbean and the cross oceans on container ships but were for us a whole new experience and definitely unforgettable with cost Ferry Holyhead Dublin.
We do not want to talk about big drum: Luck was hold us in all the time. We did not experience a few dicey situations, but we all survived intact. Whether it's the trouble with the authorities in Moscow and various motorcycle crashes, there were tsunami alert, language barriers or corrupt policemen who wanted us to your savings - it was in all cases lightly. We were spared from serious diseases and other misfortunes. A lucky. We were also largely spared from attacks and theft.
We met many others who did not fare any way. However, we also noted in those stories that you develop a sense for certain situations over time. One senses a rip-off against the wind, being aware of potential dangers and learn properly assess risk. At least mostly. On the other hand, one lies down with a certain serenity. Serenity fed from confidence and trust. Trust that there is a solution for every problem. But also trust in the people and a general benevolence in this world ( this trust but should not be confused with naivety ). We drove very well. We were helped selflessly and often especially, we experienced hospitality. In almost every country we visited and looked at the cost Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland.
We can only hope that we retain this serenity, this confidence and trust. We can only hope that we will have the opportunity to return the kindness shown to us. And we can only hope that we will continue with the Luck.
The campaign was a success, but now I want to talk not about marketing, but about the bars, which was helped by the message conveyed by Coca-Cola. Those who were in Spain, know with certainty that the bars are an integral part of society. In my street, in a five-block radius, there are at least thirty bars.
Since I live in Spain, I have not seen a football game at home and received the same quarter of home visits compared to my stay in Berlin. To drink, eat, watch football, eat breakfast, hang out, greet bartenders to talk with the neighbors, which we know only from the bar... I am convinced that the apartments much smaller than in Berlin in Madrid are, because we spend half the time in the bar.

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